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Inspiring Lives Global took birth in 2008 when Tiamara Williams set out on a journey to empower and inspire humanity to live their best life and create a better world.
As a talkshow host and TV producer Tiamara imagined her way would be via media, bringing to light the great positive changemakers on the planet. She started out by leaving New Zealand and heading to India to interview the most inspirational globally recognized Indians she could find.

Her criteria was people who were top of their game, living their truth with great integrity and committed to making a difference in the world.
She met with and interviewed Narayana Murty (Founder of Infosys, voted Ernst and Young “World Entrepreneur of the year”), Shabana Azmi – Bollywood actress and activist for the poor, Sri Sri Ravishankar Nobel Peace Award Nominee, humanitarian, peace maker and spiritual leader to 20 million, Kiran Bedi – living legend who transformed the worst prison in India, and in Bangladesh the Nobel Peace Laureate and Medal of Freedom Recipient Mohammad Yunnus.

Returning to NZ with the footage Tiamara realized that inspiring as these great leaders are in order to fulfill on her purpose the ordinary person making a difference needed to be represented. The world leaders were a true inspiration but to reach the hearts of humanity she needed to show the regular person taking action.

rtrcc(1)So she set out to make a difference in the developing world herself and with a crew in tow filmed the content of the 10 part TV series Inspiring Lives Global.
For a year Tiamara travelled the globe and in each destination she formed a team of ordinary people to participate in hands on projects. Together they took action on humanitarian and environmental projects.


Our mission is to uplift and inspire humanity to live their best lives and create a better world.


INDIA – School renovation in poor rural tribal village.

INDIA – COmbating preventable blindness.

SOUTH AFRICA – Challenging HIV/AID’s stigma in coloured shantytown.

SOUTH AFRICA – Prisoner rehabilitation programme.

SOUTH AFRICA – Bridging the economic and racial divide with teens via sport.

JORDAN – Women’s empowerment with refugee’s.

ECUADOR – Renovation of a poor rural school and integrating organic and sustainable agriculture into the community.

ECUADOR – Catalyzing the irradication of plastic bag use for shopping in a small city.

COLOMBIA -Bogata children at Risk

CHINA – Eco education – Awakening the Chinese youth to their responsibility and impact on the environment and teaching them life skills to care for our earth.

She continued simultaneously to gather the inspirational words of Global Leaders from diverse fields whose unique contribution and success inspires and empowers millions including Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Laureate and Medal of Freedon recipient), Mary Robinson (Medal of Freedom Recipient and Former President of Ireland), Abdul Aziz Nuami, Royal Sheik from Ajman, youth leader and Environmentalist.

“Since doing the ILG projects and series I have truly realized how easy it is to make change in the world. It is simply a matter of seeing what has need, identifying a positive response and taking action.” – Tiamara

Inspiring Lives Global is now expanding its work into change making where ever it sees the need. We have an office in New Orleans, USA, Johannesburg South Africa and Christchurch New Zealand.



THE NEXT GENERATION LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME A powerful leadership programme for youth that teaches them skills to have them step with confidence into their lives as future shapers of the world.

Our current goal is to reach 100,000 youth in South Africa with THE NEXT GENERATION LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME with the aim of transforming an entire youth culture reducing crime, violence and poverty and upping the level of education young people choose.

ILG is constantly noticing need in the world and stepping up to make a difference.

Individual Coaching is available to a handful of people each year who are inspired to live their lives with purpose and passion. Either by injecting it into their existing business or beginning a new journey.

A Stunning day of self exploration where participants will emerge powerfully connected to their life purpose, their passion with a 5 year plan.



A book of inspirational sayings and guidance by Tiamara Williams.

Our Team


Tiamara Williams

Tiamara Williams is a social entrepreneur, TV producer, presenter, author, Inspirational speaker and the founder of Inspiring Lives Global. She lives the life of a global citizen and changemaker and is committed to bridging the gap between differences in the world. Tiamara teaches others how to live their dreams and


Videshni Singh

Videshni's lifelong desire to bring an inclusive, universal programme of values and empowerment to the people of South Africa has finally found a home with The Next Generation Transformation Programme. This passionate woman is committed to driving NGTP into the lives of the people of South Africa.

Piwe Pic

Piwe Finger

Piwe is one of our professionally trained teacher trainers of The Next Generation Transformation Programme. She is also an inspired Development Manager as we expand across the world to touch as many lives as possible with this unique and nation changing wisdom. "I think this a programme that everybody needs


  • Anna Canton
    Director of the Inspiring Lives Global Series
  • Kirk Phlaum
    Camerman of The Inspiring Lives Global Series
  • Makoto Takaoka
    Sound man of The Inspiring Lives Global Series
  • Callum Butcher
    Pre Production Manager ILG
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