INSPIRING LIVES GLOBAL THE REALITY DOCUMENTARY SERIES follows the journey of Tiamara Williams social entrepreneur, TV host and lifecoach from New Zealand around the developing world. In each episode of this ten episode series Tiamara gathers a team of ordinary locals in a new destination to take action on humanitarian or environmental projects.

Tiamara identifies the key issues of the area, forms a team of local people and then together they catalyze and action projects over one week that cause a transformation in a community, that can then be sustained by local grassroots organizations.

Each episode features a project and before or after ad breaks inspirational words from our world leaders. These world leaders are well know public figures whose lives uplift others through their outstanding commitment to humanity and whose words shed light on the themes.

Some of the 15 individuals to be featured are: Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Laureate and Medal of Freedon recipient), Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Laureate and Medal of Freedom recipient) , Narayana Murthy (voted Ernst and Young “World Entrepreneur of the year”), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – Nobel Peace Award Nominee, humanitarian and peace maker , Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Mary Robinson.

CHINA – Eco education – Creating 200 Green ambassadors for China’s future. Awakening the Chinese youth to their responsibility and impact on the environment and teaching them life skills to care for our earth.

INDIA – School renovation in poor rural tribal village.Going to a remote Indian Tribal village and renovating the school, creating a playground, building soakpit toilets, planting a small forest, putting two banana trees in every home so when the crops fail they have food. And as a result, since a well has been installed saving them hour and hours of labour walking to the well 1 Km.

INDIA – Eyesight – preventing blindness. Mumbai migrant children of construction workers, eyesight project. India has 180 Million blind set to double in the next 10 yrs and lots of it is preventable. Tiamara learns to screen children’s eyes, teaches the construction site child carers and they screen all the kids and help the ones who need it.

SOUTH AFRICA – Challenging HIV/AID’s stigma in coloured Capetown shantytown.

SOUTH AFRICA – Teen leadership and integration, crossing the divide and creating a new South Africa via sport. Port Elizabeth.

SOUTH AFRICA – Prisoner rehabilitation programme. Working with Johannesburg criminals with an 8 day meditation workshop, goal setting, gardening and family therapy. Amazing moving stories and real transformation.

JORDAN – Women’s empowerment with refugee’s.

South Africa – Port Elizabeth – Bridging thesocial,
economic and racial divide between teens.
South Africa – Combating HIV stigma, Capetown

Ecuador – Transforming a town’s attitude and passing
a new law to ban giving away plastic bags
South Africa – Prisoner Rehabilitation