Next Generation Leadership

A Youth Revolution

The Next Generation Leadership Programme has been developed in direct response to the issues and challenges faced by South Africa and her youth today. Crime, violence, entitlement and apathy are just some of the issues addressed. The Next Generation Leadership Programme introduces learners to skills that have them knowing how to be empowered and responsible in EVERY moment. The programme addresses cultural deficits, while acknowledging strengths, developing and empowering the learner to grow into a strong and principled individual.

Each module of the programme builds on the previous lessons to create a process of transformation that will stay with the learner for life.

A special sound therapy via personalized music has been developed to be played with the programme to improve concentration, efficacy of learning and to reduce behaviour issues.


A unique and powerful curriculum for secondary school students
With this programme learners will step forward confidently as leaders of their own lives and change makers in the world.

Mission: To empower young people to truly become who they were born to be. To create strong expansive leaders who are clearly in touch with their ability to positively impact their own lives and the world around them.

Making a difference in the world for the rest of their lives.

Through simple and yet profound concepts students will become powerfully connected to their purpose in life and the world. They will to step into their greatness, empowered with skills that will have them operating at a heightened level of productivity, contribution and expansiveness.

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Some of the tools they will gain

Learners will have a deep personal relationship with human values as the foundation of their lives.

They will understand how to take responsibility for their outcomes and how to turn any situation in life into an empowering experience.

Get powerfully connected with their unique purpose in life.

Clearly understand their talents and how they relate to their purpose.

Have a clear vision of how they can impact the world around them.

Definite goals and plans for the coming years.

Understand the tools that will have them move quickly through, fear, procrastination and self doubt into action, positivity and an ability to succeed for themselves and impact the lives others.

Understand the key obstacles to succeeding and how to overcome them.

Feel deeply connected to themselves as changemakers in their world.

Understand the fundamental secrets to success in life.

Learn effective success skills.

Have a positive self-concept and strong self-esteem.

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